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Discrete Manufacturing

In discrete scenario, the manufacturing process is based on production orders. Discrete manufacturing is characterized by requirements that occur on an irregular basis and a workshop-oriented process. Basically, the demand and supply vary time to time in this scenario.

Discrete manufacturing forms an industry type where in the products which are manufactured can be easily assembled and dis-assembled. They can be reworked upon easily to a large extent. You can say making pumps, engines, cars, airplanes.

Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing is the production of goods using a master recipe by combining or treating one or more components/ingredients. The process generally involves use of heat, pressure, and time. This kind of manufacturing is commonly used in industries such as chemical and fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and food, oil and gas etc. Process manufacturing is markedly different from the practices followed in a discrete industry. Output of discrete manufacturing are individual units that can be separately counted, stored, and tracked whereas the output of process manufacturing is usually identified through batches and are not countable individually.