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SAP Analytic Cloud is a single solution for business intelligence, enterprise planning and augmented with the power of predictive analytics and machine learning technology.

We offers a fully comprehensive, cloud-based analytics solution that combines BI, planning and predictive capabilities. Smart data preparation, data discovery, planning, and predictive analysis capability ideal for all industries and organizations. Our next-generation solutions are built from scratch and enables entities to discover, plan, predict, and collaborate with five real-time dashboards in one place.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, analysts can design innovative visual tales based on your primary business areas. The IT team can conveniently manage this with the help of reliable data.Rapid answers to important questions, provision for detailed information, and interactive visuals can help you make better business decisions.

SAP Analytic Cloud Product Overview

Easy To Use Irrespective of the nature of your business, this SAP solution can help you to a large extent to make decisions.

  • It is designed to provide corporate scalability and for governed information distribution.
  • Advanced user management allows quick access to new users and groups.
  • A reliable and secure solution to access and distribute information.
  • You acquire self-service provision that ensures case delivery within trusted boundaries.
  • Exceptional collaborative expedition. You can share insights and plan with other departments and team members.
  • Use cloud, on premise or third party to access all your insights and to use analytics catalog.

This smart SAP Analytic Cloud possesses augmented capabilities that help you to make better business decisions.

  • Embedded Machine Learning technology helps discover correlations in the acquired data.
  • You have the liberty to design single click and automated dashboards.
  • Key influencer analysis and what-if simulations can help design customized dashboards
  • Type your business query to acquire insights. This is possible due to the presence of natural language processing (NLP).
  • Utilize industry-specific content for your domain.

Its rapid connectivity carries out multiple tasks at a faster pace than other alternatives. Secure and live connectivities provide you real-time data access. You no longer need to update data manually since it is done automatically.

  • Live connectivity allows access to on premise data sources such as dashboard, stories, updated data, etc.
  • Live connectivity also eliminates data duplication.
  • You can enjoy advantages of advanced security and data management.
  • SAP Clouds allows you to use more than 150 import data connectors.

Cloud SAP Analytics solution helps you to meet all business ends and to amalgamate planning, business intelligence, and predictive analysis all through a unified platform.

  • A single view to access your budgets, actual, predictions, and forecasts.
  • You can test predictive circumstances with the help of regression, classification, and forecasting.
  • Embrace the contemporary digital boardroom experience. Enjoy interactive live meetings with valuable insights.
  • Efficiently use dashboards and stories from anywhere and anytime through your mobile app.