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Landscape Optimization- Hardware sizing and resizing

  • Identify single points of failure and enabling High Availability (HA)
  • Manage storage space requirements
  • Identify scalability options
  • Database growth trend analysis

SAP Practices that fit best.

  • Develop a Transport Management Strategy
  • Create and maintain a backup strategy.
  • Build system copy and refresh procedures.
  • Develop installation, upgrade and migration strategies.
  • Effective use of SAP service reports – Early Watch Alerts (EWA), Security Optimization Services (SOS)


  • Identify areas of automation
  • Implement start and stop scripts.
  • Implement system refresh pre and post steps.
  • Diagnostic agent installations
  • Kernel upgrades
  • Monitoring and alerts

Production Support

  • System Monitoring
  • Health Checks
  • Advisory Activities
  • Handling P1, P2 issues

Performance Tuning

  • SAP Memory and CPU configuration
  • Operating systems and database storage, performance tuning.
  • Network compatibility checks for SAP setup to fine tune performance.