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Ariba offers businesses simplified supplier sourcing, contract administration and payment. It provides resources to manage procurement tasks like sourcing, contracting, invoicing, and spending analysis. Moreover, Ariba creates a secure environment for sharing data and documents with vendors.

Supplier Management and Strategic Sourcing

Ariba makes it simple for users to manage important information like supplier data, lifecycles, performance, and risks. SAP Ariba’s Discovery solution handles contact management and tendering and provides detailed spending analyses.

Connect Partners Along a Supply Chain

Organizations can leverage SAP Ariba to connect partners along their supply chains to ensure that there are no interruptions in production.

Optimize Financial Supply Chains

Ariba has features to help users optimize cash flow and manage financial liabilities within their supply chains.

E-Procurement Enables Swift Purchasing

E-procurement assists users and organizations in completing all their electronic purchases in a timely and effective manner.

Seamless Integration with SAP and Third-Party Platforms

SAP Ariba can integrate with SAP S/4HANA and other third-party systems to ensure users have all their data and applications on a single platform.