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SAP Process Orchestration

SAP PO has been around the block. From XI to PI and now to PO, this middleware has been widely adopted in the world for its seamless integration with SAP, comprehensive set of adapters, and user-friendly graphical interface. These convenient features among others allow you to do the following with minimal effort and coding:

  • Create synchronous and asynchronous communication for integrating your SAP ERP to other SAP/non-SAP systems,
  • Build end-to-end integration scenarios and iFlows,
  • Register SAP back-end systems in the System Landscape,
  • Integrate heterogeneous systems across your IT landscape,
  • Monitor your all your interfaces’ run-time step by step.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) is SAP’s cloud-based middleware that allows integration between cloud and on-premise applications with third-party SAP and non-SAP products. The service enables processing messages both within your organization or with different companies in real-time without requiring additional hardware.
SAP includes a set of prebuilt adapters with its Cloud Platform Integration, which allow you to easily leverage the following integration scenarios:

  • Integrating application-to-application (A2A) and business-to-business (B2B) processes and data,
  • Integrating applications and data sources from SAP and non-SAP systems,
  • Integrating applications and data sources from on-premise and cloud-based applications,
  • Integrating data in synchronous and asynchronous scenarios.