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SAP SuccessFactors is a comprehensive cloud solution used by companies to optimize their entire HR work. This software product focuses on talent management: the well-established high-performance solution paves the way to success for HR departments.

SAP SuccessFactors offers you the following functions for your talent management:

  • Recruiting and applicant management: Recruit specific professional and managerial staff for your company. With the direct control of job advertisements and the assessment of applicants, the SuccessFactors Recruiting solution enables you to receive a comprehensive picture of the recruiting in your company.
  • Central HR data management: The HR data of a company is managed in Employee Central – centrally and globally accessible and yet well protected.
  • Onboarding: SuccessFactors facilitates the initial job training of new employees. This training can be specifically scheduled and controlled so that you can get a good impression of the new employee at any time and avoid an imminent resignation during the teach-in phase.
  • Learn management system: Knowledge is a competitive advantage in the modern working world. SAP SuccessFactors enables you to specifically manage the further training of your employees: You can plan further training courses, view certificates and get reminded of dates.
  • Performance review and goal management: With centrally stored performance reviews and agreements based on appraisal interviews, SuccessFactors helps you promote the talents of your employees and get an overview of the know-how within your company.
  • Succession, development planning and workforce analytics: If an employee resigns, it is important to close this gap as quickly as possible. In the system, you recognize the resignation of employees at an early stage (e.g., retirement) and see who a suitable successor would be. SAP SuccessFactors enables you to flexibly respond to changing business conditions and become active at an early stage via specific workforce planning.